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Exciting news in plate management systems! Not really, but Jared (new fitness director) and I moved everything out of the closet and back to our corner. We (he) moved everything around to try and find the best place for everything to allow us plenty of room and easy access to all our stuff. It has worked for half the day with great success. So our request is to just put things back where you find them and give the new arrangement a whirl. Thanks.


Sure....I see how it goes....When Marc leaves town for a few days.......everybody thinks they can do whatever they want.......fear the wrath of the original "Plate Manager"!!

Mar w/a c

Whoa whoa whoa ! Whatever has covertly been done around there while I was conveniently on vacation must remain unofficial status until we've had a full review, From where I'm at it, sounds like Trevor is speaking more about a new "rack mgmt system" , maybe some "box mgmt",. Everyone already knows that sky already has a supreme plate mgmt system, which would be difficult to improve upon. I do expect to return Thursday and will make it a priorit to officially ratify these changes into permanent service. Additionally, we may want to implement some of Todd's input with regard to a brand new "white board mgmt system". Todd's xfit expertise is is only second to his knowledge/expertise in this area.


Great work 930 AM Class! With the exception of myself, everyone did great.

My mistake today was thinking I could RX this puppy...ummm NO!

8 sets of 70LB KB Swings and My back was toast not to mention 115 Pounds all the way through 15 Sumo Deadlifts and my body almost shut down. Anyways, long story short, it sucked today but learned my lesson. RX every workout is not me just yet.


This WOD needed a warning sticker on it!!!!! WOW

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